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Running out of ideas for your kids? We at mifold, know it isn't easy. To help you feel like you are back on your travel adventures, we have created a whole host of ideas, games and activities for you and your children to enjoy.



 Printable bingo cards for you to play with your children. All words are mifold related. There is a card for the bingo caller. Start with kids having one line in the card to cover, and then move on to cover the whole board. First person to cover every word, shouts bingo and wins. For extra fun, use jelly beans to cover the words.

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Watch our mifold dance and see if your kids can come up with a new one.
Make sure you post them and tag us so we see. Parents can join in too 



Let your kids creative side come out. Download and print out these black and white pictures of various mifold themes and allow your kids to decorate and color in however they want.

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 Let your kids become the masterchefs. Enjoy this easy kid-friendly recipe for delicious home baked cookies. Extra points to you, if you make them in a shape or design relating to mifold and post it on your social media feed.

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 3 levels of wordsearches for your kids to take time and enjoy. See how long it takes them to find as many mifold related words as possible.

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 Use the clues at the bottom of the page to find the answers and fill out the crossword. This crossword will test your general knowledge about famous landmarks around the world. How many of these places have you visited?

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 Take the time to download and print these sheets relating to various countries. Enjoy reading with your kids and learning some general knowledge about each place. When you are finished, take the short quiz and see how much you really learnt.

country quiz  

Asia quiz

UK quiz



 have a look at the photos in the image and try and work out with your kids where they were taken. Use google maps for some extra details.

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 Have a look at the words and try to unscramble them to make sense. Clue: all the words are related to mifold and traveling.

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 Look at the two pictures side by side and see if you can find the 10 differences between them. Extra points if you do it in under 2 minutes.

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 Unfortunately, there are many cases where kids are placed in cars in ways that are not the safest. The seatbelt could be hooked in wrong, the child could be sitting in the wrong type of child restraint. Have a look at the picture and see how many cases of misuse you can see.

misafety image

misafety answers




Take this awesome quiz about mifold and hifold and the places you can visit with them

Game leader clicks on the link, then clicks on "play', then "host" then "classic". The game Pin number will then appear.
Participants need to download the Kahoot app, enter the pin number and create a name.
The Game Leader then clicks to start and away you go!

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Who doesnt love a good puzzle? Take some time out to sit and relax and fit the pieces into the right place to reveal one of our favourite mifold images.

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