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This summer we decided (well, really me) that I wanted to explore parts of the U.S. that we have never seen before. I have always been intrigued by Hilton Head Island because our Disney Vacation Club membership has a beautiful resort there. But, I was a little nervous about just doing Hilton Head thinking maybe it would be too boring for the kids (I was wrong) and so I decided that we should explore more of the southern coast. So, we chose to start in North Carolina and then head down to Disney World o17-day day road trip, (yes, I am visiting the doctor to have my sanity examined).  So, How did we pull it off? 

Like the fact that the second-row bucket seats could move together so my 14-year-old could easily help our 3-year-old with her tablet (which seems like every two seconds). He was ok with that role since the second-row seats also reclined with their own little leg rest. The 2nd feature I loved was the massive sun roof, since we can’t roll in a convertible, it was nice to at least have the feeling of the wind in your hair as you drive along the coast not to mention that it really brightened up the 3rd row making it feel a lot less like a dungeon back there (which is what my kids call the 3rd row in our Sienna at home). Also, note Liv’s awesome (and super compact) Mifold Carseat. This carseat is amazing because it is just as safe as a regular booster but 10x smaller. That extra space is a big benefit when you are traveling by car with kids. I highly recommend checking into it if you travel often. It folds up and pops right in our backpack making it easy to take with us on flights too.


My wife loved that the minivan looked like an SUV on the inside, it had nice clean lines, some fancy shmancy Harmon Kardon speakers and the technology was on par with the luxury cars we have owned. The last thing I loved, and yes you might say this is ridiculous,  is how the mirrors folded in when you locked the door. Sure, it saves your side mirrors from getting hit, but it also lets you know you locked your doors. I don’t know how many times I find myself walking away from my car thinking, did I lock the car? And, then I am stuck searching for my keys (yes, I magically lose them in an instant) so I can press the button to hear the beep. Instead, I just turn around, look and know that the car is locked.