The mifold hifold fit-and-fold booster


The hifold fit-and-fold™ highback booster is the ‘world's most adjustable booster™’.

hifold features unique MultiFit™ technology, with 243 individual settings, to ensure optimal belt fit and comfort, for every child, as they grow. hifold is also the first highback with the MultiFold™ system. hifold folds fully to an ultra-compact size for storage and portability.  

hifold keeps your child safe and comfortable on every adventure.

Thanks to our unique MultiFit™ technology, hifold is the world’s most adjustable booster seat. hifold features 9 height adjustments, 3 head width adjustments, 3 shoulder width adjustments and 3 hip size adjustments: giving a total of 243 different individual settings! hifold fits every child for comfort and safety as they grow, whatever their size and shape.

hifold can also be folded down into a compact size which is ideal for storage and thanks to its lightweight design and convenient carry strap is easy to move from car to car.

In addition to optimally adjusting the seatbelt fit, hifold has six impact protection zones: 2 x hip, 2 x shoulder and2 x head.

The 6 advanced impact protection zones and 4 layer design ensure optimum comfort and protection. hifold uses advanced lightweight materials including EPE, EVA, EU foam and a polypropylene shell

The mifold range of booster seats are the most compact and portable booster seats available. Their lightweight and compact design mean that not only are they perfect for every day, they are also ideal for those occasions when a regular booster is unavailable or inconvenient for example travelling, car-pooling, ride sharing, taxis etc. 


Whilst mifold is a backless booster, the hifold fit-and-fold booster offers the added support, comfort and protection that some parents are looking for in a highback booster.

After using hifold once or twice, consumers tell us that hifold is remarkably intuitive and simple to use. The hifold fit-and-fold booster seat can be set up and ready to go in only a few seconds and whilst size adjustment may take a few seconds, this only needs to be carried out on an occasional basis.

hifold is manufactured in China. Our manufacturing partners are world renowned manufacturers that are ISO approved and operate at the highest level of manufacturing and quality control standards.

hifold is available in slate gray and racing red.

The hifold storage bag and hifold clip-on-cup holder are available on

Technical Specs

hifold uses the vehicle installed adult seat belt to restrain the child and to hold the seat in place. It does not use the Isofix or Latch systems.


Is there a danger that hifold will fold whilst in use?


When hifold is being used by a child in a vehicle, all the folding components are locked securely in place. These folding and locking mechanisms have been created and tested to be strong and secure so that they are not affected by the forces of a potential collision.

Dimensions -

Folded down: width 13.4", height 10.7" and length 14.6"

Open at narrowest size: head width 11.5". body width 16", base width 12.8" and height 24.7"
Open at widest size: head width13/7". body width 18.9", base width 16.9" and height 29.7"


Unboxed 9lbs 15oz

hifold uses a special AirFlow™ washable fabric seat covers that can be easily removed and washed.The fabric seat pads are machine washable on a delicate 30°cycle and there is a care instruction label attached to the seat covers. Any plastic areas may be cleaned using soap and water or with alcoholic gel.


Safety and Certification

All children should continue to use a child restraint with a five-point harness for as long as possible.  Like all boosters, children should start using hifold when they have outgrown their car seat with a 5-point harness and when they can sit in the booster seat properly for the entire duration of each. 


Sitting properly means that the child must remain seated without slouching under the lap belt, moving shoulder belt under arm or behind back, or leaning forward or sideways moving out of position so the vehicle belt remains properly positioned.


hifold has one of the broadest height and weight ranges for a highback booster. hifold can be used by children aged 4 and up, weighing 40 pounds to 100 pounds) and 40” to 59” tall.


hifold has a patented design which optimizes the seat belt fit of the lap belt and chest belt in order to fit the child. hifold is a booster seat that is regulated for global use and meets or exceeds all the relevant car seat safety standards including NHTSA FMVSS 213 for the US, UN ECE R44/04 for most countries, the RSSR regulations in Canada, CCC for China and various local versions for other markets.  This means that, wherever you buy your hifold seat, it can be used in every country on earth.*

 * Except Australia where regulation is pending.

The forward movement of the hifold seat back has been specifically designed to improve safety and comfort This forward movement actually keeps the seatbelt shoulder belt optimally positioned on the child’s clavicle bone (between the neck and the shoulder). Traditional highback boosters are rigid structures. As a child leans forward, so that the seat belt is pulled through the shoulder belt guide, the greater the risk that the seat belt will slip off the child’s shoulder. With hifold, the shoulder belt guide moves with the child, maintaining the optimal seat belt shoulder belt position.

Currently in the USA, there are no side impact testing protocols defined in the regulations for highback boosters. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the agency within the U.S. Department of Transportation that defines testing protocols for child restraint systems such as hifold. Specifically, we follow and comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard FMVSS 213. Within this standard, NHTSA has not yet defined any side impact testing protocols for highback boosters. Therefore, we cannot make any statements about side impact testing or about the performance of our child restraint systems in side impact collisions.

Yes, hifold offers the industry standard warranty for car seats.

hifold has a useful life of seven years from the date of manufacture.


Outside the USA

hifold is a truly global child restraint and is regulated for use in every country in the world except Australia. hifold is regulated for the US (NHTSA FMVSS 213), Europe and the Rest of the World (UN ECE R44/04), China (CCC) and Canada.  

Orders made through ship throughout the USA only. Please contact your local distributor or Amazon site to see if hifold is sold locally.

The hifold sold and used outside of the US is regulated for children aged 4 and up, weighing between 15-45 kg and up to 150 cm in height.

The hifold fit-and-fold booster seat is not available for sale or use in Australia. The Australian car seat standards are completely different from those in the rest of the world.  The Australian regulations require a top tether on highback boosters above a specific seat weight. This is not required anywhere else in the world and currently, we do not manufacture a version of hifold with a top tether