mifold folds down and can be stored almost anywhere. It's so small that children can carry it around in their backpacks.


mifold and hifold meet or exceed the regulatory standard for booster seats in the USA: NHTSA FMVSS 213, and regulations around the world.   


hifold is the world's most adjustable highback booster, with 243 individual settings, it keeps your child safe and comfortable.


hifold is lightweight and folds down making it so portable and easy to take with you whether on vacation, moving from car to car or for carpooling and taxis.  hifold also has a convenient carry strap attached. 

mifold and hifold are great for:


so compact, it's easy to fit in your hand luggage


always have a booster for every kid in your car


taxis never have booster seats, and that is not safe!


no need to clutter up the back of the car

car rental

cheaper than renting a booster seat, and you get to keep it!

3 in a row

fits 3 in a row, even in the smallest cars

shoppers in the USA can buy mifold and hifold here or through any of these retailers