Springwise - Car safety device for kids is 10x smaller than a booster seat

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Mifold is a portable carseat that holds down the child’s seatbelt, offering an alternative to bulky booster seats.



Traditionally, car safety seats for children work by lifting the child up to the height of the adult, so that the seatbelt can hold them securely in place. Unfortunately, this means that car seats are cumbersome and parents generally keep them in one vehicle. But now, a new portable gadget called Mifold inverts the process and holds down the seatbelt instead, offering parents an affordable, convenient alternative to bulky booster seats.

To begin, the gadget is placed onto the seat and the child sits down on top. Then, the adult feeds the seatbelt through three belt guides, which are all adjustable. The device holds the belt firmly in place on the child’s hips and shoulder, avoiding uncomfortable areas like the stomach, face or neck. Mifold can be used to secure children — from 4-12 years old — in any car. Since it is light and portable it can be taken easily from vehicle to vehicle and used during carpools, vacations and taxi rides.

Mifold recently completely a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, raising over USD 750,000. It can now be preordered from USD 39 for estimated delivery in May 2016. Could a similar logic be used to upgrade the highchair and other child access aids?




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