Eazyshow - The future of remote engagement and child passenger safety

Child car safety seats are the single most effective way to protect children in cars. Correct understanding and installation of the seats is important for them to perform as intended in a crash or collision.

At mifold, we have a customer service team of certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians, to help parent and other caregivers choose the appropriate seats for their specific children and vehicles. Our team communicates with customers regularly to provide the most relevant and up-to-date advice and guidance via email, phone calls, social media, text chat and more.

Recently we started evaluating the video chat services Eazyshow (https://eazyshow.com) which can help improve engagement even further. Eazyshow allows customer service departments to interact face to face with clients from their website and to do so as if the representative and the customer are facing each other in the same room. This makes it much quicker, easier and more comfortable to demonstrate products and trouble shoot issues. Eazyshow is similar to Teams, Zoom and FaceTime, which we are all very familiar with post COVID-19; without needing to install a specific app, or requiring any complicated process of logging on.

At mifold, we are excited to integrate the Eazyshow technology into our website for all customers later this year.