ready, steady, Indiegogo go go

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ready, steady, Indiegogo go go - mifold

Well here we are at the outset of our next phenomenal adventure! Our hifold crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo is about to be launched with great fanfare and we are overwhelmed with the public’s positive response to our prelaunch so far.

Please see the link to find out more:

The pace in the office has never been so frenetic – even during the original mifold Indiegogo campaign!  There is just so much going on that I don’t know where to start so I’ll take a deep breath and dive in…

Since I last wrote, mifold has won another Innovation Award this time in Hong Kong bringing our total hoard to 12.

The team has been pretty occupied over the past couple of months with 2 photo shoots and the making of a movie – the services of scores of actors were enlisted and a few stars were born.  Several in the mifold office made their acting debuts and several will never be asked for their help again! Some people were not even asked to perform – don’t worry I don’t hold grudges….The process resulted in a host of new mifold, mifold One, mifold Sport and hifold images as well as the new hifold movie.  We hope you like them - You can see them here:




Jon was grinning from ear to ear when he met the CEO of Indiegogo, Dave Mandelbrot, during his recent trip to San Francisco last month. They discussed how mifold's crowdfunding success could be repeated with other indiegogo clients.



The mifold team meets on a monthly basis to catchup on everyone’s goings on – somehow we manage to capture the moment including those on the TV screen who join the meeting remotely from around the globe.  



The team continues to travel globally -  Ken has been to see our lovely distributors in China and in Singapore, Jon conducted crash tests in Russia, Jacqui and Robert went to visit our distributors in Hong Kong and our factory in China to report on exactly how mifold is put together and Jonathan ran consumer research groups in the US. 




During this quarter mifold has been present at The JPMA, (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association), CPS (Child Passenger Safety) and Lifesavers Conferences in the US.

We have also had some great PR during this quarter especially in the UK with Jon appearing on the Talk Radio show and being interviewed for Sky news.



The marketing team has been beavering away to produce a host of new marketing materials including images for facebook posts, promotional information for hifold to ensure the launch is successful and web and social media content all with the aim of building brand awareness and ultimately increasing sales.   They have also introduced a new mifold monthly marketing update (MMMU) for distributors so that they have a plethora of material for their own marketing activities and social media posts.

During this quarter mifold's success continued to grow in Target stores across the US. We instigated a new initiative whereby screens were placed in stores which showed Jon telling the mifold story and additionally Target ran a Trade-in event offering parents discounts if they brought in their old car seats to exchange for a new on.  Buy Buy baby stores also introduced towering mifold displays in their stores.  As a result, we have seen a pleasing increase in US sales.


We are proud of the facebook posts that we have been putting out recently particularly the posts for Fathers’ day, Mothers’ Day and "3 in a row" that generated thousands of views. 




We had one of our most successful facebook campaigns in May.  We provided Jungle Creations, an online media house that lives on social media with a mifold video which they then distributed to their online followers. It resulted in almost 1.97M views and 10,377 likes, 10,655 shares and 2,900 comments!  This kept the marketing team rather busy for a few days as we answer every comment that we receive on social media!

We have also been working rather hard in the last quarter to bring mifold Sport to market and next month, thanks to Matt, it will be launched in the US at Nordstrom



It would be remiss of me not to mention the World Cup Sweep Stake that is currently running in the office.  Each team member picked 3 teams out of a hat – I will sheepishly admit that I was rather chuffed to pick out both Spain and Germany who I have been avidly following throughout the competition – there is $88 at stake here afterall!  It will be the first time that I am not cheering for England but I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch.  Don’t worry Jonny, Argentina may still be in with a chance….



I’ll announce the winner in my next blog!  Stay tuned!