5 handy products you need for your next trip

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When parents travel – especially if the trip involves multiple hours in some sort of vehicle – they’re always looking for ways to make it easier, for them, for their kiddos and for fellow passengers. Here are five items to have on hand the next time you make a cross-country or cross-ocean trip.




File this under: Why didn’t we think of that? This brilliant seat keeps you from having to lug your bulky boosters on a plane or to grandma’s house, adjusting the adult-sized seatbelt to fit a child. mifold ($44.99) is designed for kids who weigh 40-100 pounds, but is an especially smart choice for those kids who think they’re too big for a booster, government regulations to the contrary. Plus, these ultra-portable seats weigh less than a bottle of water and can be set up in less than 30 seconds (and come in a rainbow of colors). As for safety? mifold conforms to the most universally accepted global booster car seat regulations.