6 “DadPreneurs” Invent Great Parenting Products to Solve Nagging Problems - Good News Network

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You’ve heard of ‘mompreneurs’—stay-at-home moms who invent a new product or service because they figure out a better way of doing something? Moms like Julie Aigner Clark, the former teacher who founded Baby Einstein when she realized there were no good videos at the time for educating her toddler.

As Father’s Day approaches, we wanted to highlight the brilliant “dadpreneurs” out there—fathers who are turning their bright ideas to improve family life into successful business ventures. From better booster seats to more organic baby wipes, prepare to be inspired.

As a father of four, Jon Sumroy found it difficult to travel with his kids while lugging their bulky and heavy booster seats. Sumroy’s frustration led to the creation of mifold, a compact and portable child car safety device that is ten times smaller than a regular booster seat. Mifold brings the seat belt down to the child, instead of boosting them up and is so small it can even fit into a back pocket. Yet Sumroy says it is just as safe as the standard booster seat.

The solution perfectly addressed a need in the parenting community and, after putting mifold on Indiegogo to raise funds, the company reached their goal in just 2 hours and have now raised $1.5 million, with mifold being sold to over 100 countries on their website, www.mifold.com

All six dads wanted something better for their children and families, and came up with brilliant ideas. Each father turned an idea into reality, and their reality into booming businesses.  Equally important, these fathers are finding a better way to juggle work and personal life.  Owning their own business is helping them to be more present in family time and experience kids’ important milestones. Not only have their ideas changed their own family’s lives, they have impacted thousands of other lives, as well… a stellar feat worth recognizing this Father’s Day.