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The new booster seat that's smaller than an iPad!

Anybody who has small children will be amazed at this 'little' creation. The mifold booster seat is ten times smaller than the average booster seat but with exactly the same amount of safety offered.

The aim of your average booster seat is to raise the child upwards in order for them to fit into an adult seat belt, whereas instead of lifting the child up, the mifold is designed to do the exact opposite. The mifold actively lowers the adult seat belt to fit the child perfectly, taking the belt off the stomach and the neck and making it comfortable, safe and easy to use for children from the age of 4 all the way up to 12 years!

We all know how annoying booster seats can be when it comes to taking them on holiday with us, car sharing or transferring into grandparents cars. But have we finally found a solution to this problem? It would seem so as this mini seat is small enough to be popped into our handbags and consequently taken anywhere with us. 




The mifold is compact, foldable, and portable, meaning it is great for when friends and family without a bulky booster seat can quickly and safely transport your little ones in their cars. 

The retail price for mifold will be £34.99 but during the pre-order period it will be significantly reduced to £23. That's way cheaper than other travel booster seats!

The mifold hasn't been released yet however it is available to pre-order.

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