babies & toddlers - Mifold – say goodbye to bulky booster carseats

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mifold fold
As a parent of a 7 yr old living in Australia – I know that my son does not legally need a Booster seat now (because I get told all the time!), but I want him to be safe and I know that a booster seat keep the seat belt in a better position on his body, so whenever possible he still sits in a booster seat. So I was excited to see the Mifold booster seat “the most advanced, compact and portable booster seat in the world“.

It folds smaller than a iPad, so you (or you child) can carry it around with you – you can easily have 3 across the back seat, so taking my kids and friends to their soccer practice will be easier. I am about to go on holiday and have to hire car seats, which is expensive and also when I get taxis I expect my kids will just have to sit on the seats as there will be no booster seats available. So being able to pack a Mifold would be great.

It comes in lots of colours, and looks like it will be marketed at a reasonable price – unfortunately it is not for sale yet – and I guess it will be for sale first in the US and UK. But your can register your interest on theMifold website, I am not sure if it has past any safety tests over here yet, but I presume that it will be ok to use for kids over 7 here in NSW.

Watch this video to see it in action.