THE FAMILY GROOVE - Mifold – The Most Advanced Booster Seat Available

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MIFOLD has just launched its revolutionary new Grab-and-Go Booster Seat  – a booster seat with a difference! This is 10 times smaller that a standard booster seat, and while it is compact and highly portable, it is also extremely safe. This seat differs in that it does not lift your child up, rather it holds the seatbelt in an appropriate position for your child.


Mifold creator, Jon Sumroy, designed the Grab-and-Go Booster Seat with portability and safety in mind….“I recognized the hassle that comes along with a regular booster seat when my children were in a carpool or getting picked up by their Grandparents, so I thought, if I could design a booster that was mighty small and mighty strong, one that kids could take with them everywhere, then they could always be safe no matter whose car they’re in.”

Experienced designers, engineers and industry experts all played a part in the design of this unique product, which is made from from tough plastic polymers and aircraft grade aluminum. Safety has been the company’s top priority, hence prototypes have been successfully crash-tested the world over.

The Grab-and-Go has been manufactured to protect children from the ages of 4-12. The patented design keeps the seatbelt from sitting high across your child’s tummy and neck, making it far safer and more comfortable. It can also be cleaned in the dishwasher which is great for parents with messy eaters.



The portability of this booster seat is a hugely attractive feature when you travel, as the extra costs of a seat when hiring a car can be quite high.

Mr Sumroy notes….“If you live in a big city and frequently turn to taxis to get around, the lack of a booster seat could be putting your child in danger, not to mention having to pay extra for this safety feature in a rental car. Mifold solves this problem for less than what you would pay a rental car company to use their seat once.”If your child is on the small side, they may be required to stay in a booster seat by law, until they reach a certain height. This can be a huge problem for smaller kids, especially if their friends no longer need one. Being so much more compact than a traditional booster seat, they will love the unobtrusive Grab-and-Go as it is virtually undetectable.

With the Grab-and-Go, your child can have a booster seat on hand, so no matter what the situation, they will be protected on every journey.