back to school With mifold

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We are edging ever closer to Back To School and we were asked our thoughts on the mifold grab-and-go Child Restraint. mifold is the most advanced and compact, portable car seat ever invented. If you ever help out friends or family with the school run regularly or occasionally but don’t have enough car seats or don’t want to shell out a fortune on a big one only to use it now and again then this is the product for you




The first thing you will notice about the mifold is how small the box is that it comes in, you will wonder to yourself how on earth they manage to pack something that’s 10 x smaller than a regular carseat – but just as safe- into it! It’s small enough to be left in the glovebox for those times when you need it in a hurry!




This is what you’ll find when the lid is opened. Amazingly tiny isn’t it?

mifold is the Grab-and-Go child restraint that keeps school children safe, no matter whose car they are travelling in. It’s the one piece of kit parents need this September. Here’s why*:

* 38 per cent of parents believe other people have broken the law when driving their child, with nearly half (47 per cent) pointing the finger at their friends.

* One in three parents (36 per cent) have given someone else’s child a lift without using a suitable car seat.

* 43 per cent of parents believe grandparents have flouted the law when transporting their grandchildren.

* A third of parents (33 per cent) have not had enough room in their vehicle for a third child seat when they needed one.

* Over a third (35 per cent) of parents have broken the law by only using the car seat belt to strap in their child before they were 12 years of age or more than 135 centimetres tall.

* Nearly one in three parents have used a car seat designed for an older child or used a car seat belt instead of a suitable child restraint (33 per cent and 32 per cent respectively).

* Nearly a quarter of parents (22 per cent) have allowed a child to travel unsecured or unprotected because the child kicked up a fuss.




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