Car seat safety and booster seats are affected by correct installment -

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June is National Safety Month and the safety of a child's car seat is of prime importance when riding in a car. Many car seats are difficult to install and parents are sometimes tempted to take shortcuts when installing a car seat for their young child. Car seats are also related to the age of a child, and there are many options for determining which car seats are appropriate for your child. Booster seats are also necessary for a child when the child outgrows a traditional car seat. Booster seats are recommended for children ages 4-12 years of age.

All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg is offering a Child Passenger Safety Class this month to help parents learn to install car seats correctly. The classes will be offered each Wednesday from 9:30-11:30 a.m. The classes are free and car seats are available at a reduced cost for families who meet criteria. Interested parents may register online at either of two sites. Registration is available at The incorrect installment of a car seat is a leading cause of death for young children in a car accident. Parents are encouraged to take a class in installing a car seat correctly if you are unsure of your ability to install correctly. All Children's Hospital is located at 501 6th Street in St. Petersburg. You may also register by calling 727-767-7835.

An innovative booster seat is available from mifold. This is a portable booster seat for ages 4-12 that is different from other booster seats. A regular booster seat helps to raise a child to sit in the same position as an adult. This innovative booster seat is designed to work together with a seatbelt to hold the seatbelt down in place when the child is belted. This booster seat is described as 10x smaller than a traditional booster seat and fits easily into a backpack. Parents may also store the mifold in a glove box. This seat is described as the perfect "grab and go" booster seat that parents can use when carpooling, traveling in a taxi, or a friend's car. The company partners with Safe Kids Worldwide in sharing their success with this innovative booster seat to keep children safe while riding. You may learn more about this product by visiting the website at www. An instructive video is available at

Take advantage of the free Child Passenger Safety Class this month at All Children's Hospital and learn about the innovative booster seat mifold for older children.