Incredible Shrinking Baby Gear for Small Spaces

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You want smaller and lighter? You got it!




Baby gear is great...except that it takes up space. Lots of space. Parents inevitably get tired of their car's backseat being nothing but car seat, their foyer being a stroller parking garage, and their living room looking like a daycare center.

A teeny tiny booster seat is also on the to market. The mifold is billed as a grab-and-go booster and it, too, can fold up and go in a tote bag. Instead of being a big wedge to raise your child to the right height for a seat belt, it essentially brings the seat belt down to your child. It's for ages 4 and up, and if you've got a child in that age range, you'll see the appeal of this immediately. The best feature, though, might be the price: Only $40 at places like and