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mifold Car Booster Seat Fits into the Glove Compartment When Not in Use

While automobile makers like Volvo is striving to make child seat portable, issues regarding older child’s seat, aka booster seat, remains resolved, well, that’s until now. Like Volvo’s, Mifold aims to make car booster seat portable, allowing it to be transfer from vehicle to vehicle easily and most importantly, it fits in the glove compartment and even your kid’s backpack. Wait. A booster seat that fits in the glove compartment? Sounds impossible? Well, it actually can and does so by eliminating the need to raise the child like regular booster. Instead, Mifold brings the seatbelt down to suit the kid and it is adjustable too, so the vehicle’s seatbelt can be adjusted to fit kids from 4 years to 12 years of age. Pretty ingenious, if you ask me. Really.


The benefits of foldability and portability are obvious: it can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle, and since it is still compact when opened up, you can now fit three of such booster in a row even in the smallest cars – something which most regular booster can’t do. Portability also means you won’t have to pay extra for booster seat when renting car and you can bring it when you and your family travels. In addition, taxi rides will be safer too, now that your kids can properly utilize the seatbelt when travelling in a taxi. Also, throwing one into your kids backpack, means your kids will have access to booster seat when your neighbors or friends help pick up your kids.

Built-wise, Mifold is crafted from a combination of aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum and Dupont’s Delrin 100ST plastic polymer, and it has been put through it paces in rigorous crash tests. Clearly, this is probably the biggest innovation since the invention of child car booster seats and the support Mifold has gotten on its Indiegogocampaign proved it is so. The campaign, which concluded on September 10, was 1,664 percent funded. If you missed it, fret not, cos’ the Mifold Grab-and-Go Car Booster Seat is now on Indiegogo’s InDemand program, where you can pre-order one for $39.