mifold grab-and-go booster

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  I have become quite the traveler in the past three years. I discovered blogger conferences and now I am hooked on attending at least 2-3 conferences a year. I attend these conferences not only for learning/network but also for a mini vacation for myself. Knowing that I can take a mini vacation inspires me to work harder to pay for the conference. I am so glad that my husband is supportive of my traveling. My husband likes my traveling, especially when he is able to take the time off work and join me. Two years ago, my husband and the younger boys joined me on a trip to San Diego and next month the whole family, including my oldest son will be joining me on a trip to California. I will be attending Shiftcon and they will be doing Disneyland. With each trip that I take, I discover items that I consider travel must-haves and I would like to share some with you.




This compact booster is perfect for kids ages 4-12 and makes traveling with car seats so much easier. I love that this safe booster fits in my carry-on luggage and I don't have to check a bulky car seat at the airport. This car seat is ready to use and is great to use when renting a car or traveling by taxi. The 10X smaller booster seat protects the child by positioning the seatbelt instead of just lifting the childlike regular booster seats. My big boys love sitting in this booster. This booster comes in many colors also.




My nine-year-old is very tall so the mifold helps keep the seatbelt in the right position to be safe. As I told my son it is night really about height but rather how the seatbelt is postioned. He likes sitting on this instead of a raised booster chair.