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If you’re anything like me, you’re completely inundated with baby/kids stuff!  With 3 kids and one more on the way I have everything you can possibly imagine times 10!  My goal is to downsize, declutter and find the most portable solutions for everything!  That being said, my carseats are definitely high on my list of bulky things!  I don’t want to rush my kids lives away, but carrying big bulky carseats and boosters is a definite deterrent for travel.  My 5 year old daughter still needs to be in a car seat wherever we go.  Spontaneous trips with friends, grandparents, taxi rides and carefree travelling are not possible.  Well they weren’t possible until I discovered mifold!

Mifold has officially changed how families travel!  And they’ve made life easier!  My daughter and I have tested and now

use the mifold booster.  We love it.  And before I say anything else, yes it is approved by Transport Canada’s RSSR safety regulations.

Here are MommyVille’s Pros and Cons list for the mifold:


1- Size

Yes, size matters!  The mifold is 10x smaller…yes 10x! It is the most compact booster EVER made and it is just as safe!  It fits in a schoolbag pocket or in the glove compartment.

2- Lots of colours


This may seem trivial but kids love all the fun colors that the mifold comes in!

3- Portability

Due due the size and weight of the actual mifold you can stick it in a bag to be used in someone else’s car.  Perfect to use for carpooling.

4- No More Complaining

Putting a 12 year old in a big bulky embarrassing car seat isn’t the easiest thing to do!  With the mifold instead of raising your kid up to the height of an adult it holds the seatbelt down safely on the hip bones.  Your older kids who still need to be in boosters won’t complain about this seat.

5- Versatile

The mifold is approved for use by 4-12 year olds between 40-100 pounds and 40″-57″ height.




Getting your mifold in place is super easy once you get the hang of it.  The first few times does seem confusing.  My 5 year old can now do it on her own but initially we had to do it together to ensure proper security.

2- Shoulder belt only

As with all booster seats, the mifold only works with the shoulder and lap belt combination and not a lap belt alone.  You therefore cannot use the mifold (or any other booster seat) in airplanes, boats or buses with lap belts.

3- Small Seat

If your child has a larger bottom than the adjustable width of the mifold it might be a problem as they grow.  This could be a great feature to improve on in future models of the mifold.

Overall we love this new and innovative product.  mifold has definitely changed the way we travel with kids…especially when you have a few kids!  You can purchase the mifold Grab and Go Booster seats at Canadian Tire or on the mifold website! You can also LIKE the mifold Canada Facebook page for contests, info and all the latest!