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It is also convenient if our son wants to go on a play date or wants to invite a friend over for a play date. We can just make sure that we keep his Mifold in his backpack and then he can go on a playdate without us having to remove his booster seat from the car.


About the Mifold Booster Seat

  • Mifold Booster Seat is 10x smaller than a regular booster, and just as safe
  • Advanced, compact and portable booster seat
  • So small and convenient that kids can bring one with them at all times, and can be safe no matter whose car they are in
  • Mifold is engineered to protect children from the age of 4 all the way up to 12 year, or 40-100 lbs (18 – 45 kg)



Compact and easy to set-up in your car!

Check out how easy it is to install

Here is the short version of the installation video for the Mifold Grab-and-Go Car Booster Seat




If you are interested in purchasing the Mifold Grab-and-Go Booster Seat you can get one for 25% at Canadian Tire until March 29, 2017.

So what do you think of the Mifold Grab-and-Go Booster Seat? Were you as impressed as we were?