Road test : mifold – A brand new approach to booster seats

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I love how the world of travel is changing for families. I’m constantly amazed at the latest ideas to help make getting around the globe a bit easier for people on holiday or on their travels with their little ones. I’ve been in situations in the past when I have felt like I almost needed to bring everything from home to ensure we travel safely and easily, and I’ve also resented paying high prices for booster seats when renting a car overseas.

With the launch of a tiny new booster seat for children it’s time to make a little bit of space for the mifold, and I think it has the chance to change how we travel.



It’s an incredibly small booster seat which approaches the challenge of making a child fit an adult seat belt in a whole new way. It does the opposite of a conventional car seat!

mifold lowers the adult seat belt to fit children snugly and safely, so that children don’t need to be ‘boosted’ up to fit the belt. It’s all about making sure the seatbelt is in the correct place, crossing the chest and not cutting in to the neck.



 love the way it fits easily in a day bag or suitcase and simply folds out with no complicated parts. It’s comfortable for children to sit on and is designed for little ones aged four to twelve.

The clips move the belt in to the right locations for children and a strap around the back makes sure the seat belt is comfortable and safe.


mifold was put together by teams of designers and engineers and by shrinking down the classic booster seat by ninety percent it’s made it easy to travel with a booster seat to hand at all times. I’m also making sure that I have the mifold in my bag for outings at home too for when school friends need a lift.



I really like how the mifold has solved a major headache for families on the go. You can purchase the mifold here and find out more about it at their website.

We received a mifold for the purposes of this review but our views are our own – this post contains affiliate links which won’t cost you any more to buy through us.