Selling to the Masses - Mifold – The Booster Seat That Fits in Your Bag

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Mifold – The Booster Seat That Fits in Your Bag

Most parents have a love- hate relationship with booster seats. We know they are necessary to keep our kids safe, but we also know they can be cumbersome to use. Then there is the struggle to convince our children that using a booster seat doesn’t mean they aren’t still “babies.” Add it all up and you can see why parents might get excited about mifold, a completely fresh take on the classic booster seat.


Mifold works in the exact opposite way from other booster seats. Traditionally, booster seats do just that, boost up a child so that the seat belt fits them the way it does an adult. The mifold positions the seat belt to fit the child. It uses a small seat as a base and a series of clips to adjust the existing seat belt, taking pressure off of the stomach and neck so the child is both comfortable and secure. It’s been extensively safety tested and has earned high scores for safety and design.

The mifold is up to 10 times as small as a regular booster, and it folds up so compactly that you can toss it in your bag and go. It is made to use for kids from 4 to 12 and is so easy to use that kids can connect it themselves, making them feel empowered. It also doesn’t look anything like an infant seat so chances are high that you won’t have to argue and fuss with your child to use the mifold.

Since it folds up to just a 10 inch by 10 inch unit, you can easily take your own booster seat with you. It can fit in a backpack, purse or even in the glove box of your car. This makes it easier to carpool or to send the kids on an outing with the grandparents. You could toss an extra one in your glove box for surprise sleepovers and always be ready.


Booster seats are a necessary part of parenthood, but they don’t have to be such a pain. The same tired design has been on the market since before such safety seats became law, so it’s high time for some innovation. The mifold is a new take on an old concept, combining smart design and quality construction to give you the safety you need with the convenience you desire.