UNWRAPP - MiFold Booster Seat

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Source: http://www.unwrapp.co.uk/drive/mifold-booster-seat/

MiFold Booster Seat has an ingenious design twist that means you can say ‘bye bye’ to bulky booster seats and still keep your kids safe in any car. 

MiFold has all the safety assurance of your typical child booster seat but is far lighter, comfortable and up to ten times smaller than your average child safety seat. 

Designed to protect children between the ages of 4-12, you can easily fit one of these nifty devices in your bag or pocket and always have one on hand to slot into your relative’s car, taxis and rental cars for a massive on-the-move parenting win.

It can also be put in the dishwasher to wash away any nasty reminders of some of the more challenging car rides, spilt juice boxes and unidentifiable stains.

Pre-order yours now: Mifold