THE UK'S BIGGEST CHRISTMAS WEBSITE - Kids Travel Just Got A Whole Lot Safer This Christmas

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As we all already know, it’s illegal in the UK for a child under the age of 12 to travel in a car without a booster seat. Parents everywhere are organised for transporting their own children around but what happens when they ask to bring a friend home and you end up a booster seat short?  



Lets be honest, booster seats are not designed to be carried around in the boot.  How many times have you been in the position when  a spare would be a godsend.  Simple things like a visit to a Christmas panto with grandparents or even a taxi ride home can prove to be difficult and require planning in advance, removing any chance of a spontaneous trip out.


However, things are about to change and travel worries may well cease to exist with the arrival of the new mifold. This revolutionary Grab-and-Go Booster seat is completely portable and compact, in fact it’s more than 10 times smaller than a regular booster seat and equally as safe!

Parents everywhere will now be able to have several mifold booster seats in their car, ready for use whenever their required and when it’s not required the mifold, which is suitable for ages 4 -12 years, can be safely stored almost anywhere – in the glove compartment, the seat back, the door pocket or even in a child’s backpack – perfect if they are heading off on a Christmas outing on the school bus.  Mifold truly is the Grab-and-Go booster seat.


Traditional booster seats elevate the child so that they fit an adult seat belt, however this is not the case with the mifold.  A team of top industry experts,designers and engineers worked together to revolutionise how we transport our children. By actively lowering the adult seat belt to snugly fit a child, taking the belt off the stomach and the neck making it comfortable and safe and really easy for children to use.


Be part of the revolution by pre-ordering your Mifold here now through the mifold’s crowdfunding where you’ll not only receive a huge saving and other exciting opportunities you’ll also be helping Mifold come to fruition.

Mifold, the revolutionary booster seat that’s smaller than an iPad!

What do you think of the new Mifold?  and will you be using one over the Christmas holidays?  Share your comments below.