Three Great Home Gadgets | Mifold, Mandoline Slicer & Penclic

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Gadgets tend to remind me of handy little homemade creations my gran would come up with to make her indoor life easier. Her house was full of little DIY amends here and there to help with things like lighting the fires, using the toaster grill in the kitchen and gardening. Let’s face it, a good gadget can be worth it’s weight in gold…!


Recent ones to come into my life are…


This crazy little fruit and veg slicer which I bought specifically to make perfectly shaped apple rings for Gus after he’d had them at a friends (yes, I know, mega mum sigh). The kind of thing you’d rack your head in frustration at the sheer perseverance to somehow create, but this slicer is so easy to use (but do use the guard to avoid slicing off fingertips!) and the high impact on presentation (“Oh wow, thanks Mum!”) is totally worth it. Plus you can adjust to three widths, ooh er.


Now that Gus is big enough for a car seat booster we’ve found ourselves literally buying £10 ones at the mega Tescos for the car journey from Inverness to Skye and then donating it to the car hire firm when we fly home. Irksome. I saw the brilliant Mifold just before Christmas and was so keen to try it I bought one before my review sample arrived! Basically the gadget tapers the seatbelt to the right position over your kid’s shoulder.

It’s Group 2/3 so suitable for kids ages 4-12, and approved to ECE R44.04 regulations; so basically you’re on the right side of the law using it. The only downside is if your kids are still quite little, and like Gus, want to be able to see out of the window, you don’t get the boost of height that you would with a regular booster. But at that size, so easy to pop in suitcase, knowing you’re driving safely, it’s so worth it. Handy for travelling or for grandparents to have one stashed away for visits.


I spend waaay too much time at my laptop. And always using my trackpad for clicking, I definitely have a little problem with numbness in my righthand finger tips. I was desperate to try out the Penclic which operates as a mouse but shaped like a pen so your fingers are working more naturally rather than straining your whole wrist and arm too. It’s surprisingly intuitive to use and I’ve quickly picked up using it for reading emails and navigating the web.

I will definitely need a bit of practice through for click and hold manoeuvres and photo editing – there are five click buttons eek! But I’m persevering and a brilliant alternative if you’re spending a lot of time at your computer. Connects through bluetooth, which in typical bluetooth style, will either connect immediately or take little time to find device, but once up and running, it’s brill. The rechargeable battery you charge via laptop too.