mifold Recommended Usage Policy - North America Booster Seats

Updated: September 13, 2021 08:18am PT

Carfoldio is revising the recommended use information for all mifold products to continue to be consistent with regulations and best practice guidelines. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is proposing some revisions to the US regulations, in some cases to better harmonize with Transport Canada. In anticipation of those changes and to maintain maximum harmonization, Carfoldio has revised the usage recommendations for all mifold booster seats manufactured starting in March 2021. 

All mifold products currently in use and manufactured before March 2021 are regulated for use in accordance with the information provided on those products. Always use mifold products according to the information provided on the product labels and in the instruction manual.

Previous mifold recommended usage policy

(Date of Manufacture prior to March 2021)

Globally regulated products:

mifold Sport grab-and-go booster seat  

mifold Comfort grab-and-go booster seat  

mifold hifold fit-and-fold booster seat 

  • Globally regulated mifold and hifold booster seats (mifold Sport™ mifold Comfort™ and the mifold hifold®) originally stated a recommended usage as follows:
  • Weight range - 40lbs to 100lbs
  • Height range - 40” to 59”
  • Age - 4-year-old and above for mifold Sport™ and mifold Comfort™
  • These mifold and hifold products have been vigorously tested and have demonstrated full regulatory compliance, meeting or exceeding the requirements at these stated age, height and weight ranges.

mifold Booster Seat Use Recommendations 

When should a child start using a belt positioning booster seat?

We believe that all children should continue to use their child restraint with a five-point harness as long as possible.

Children should only graduate into a belt positioning booster seat, when they have outgrown their child restraint with a five-point harness.

“Outgrown” means the child’s weight or height exceeds the use limits for the car seat.

Even then, a child should only use a belt positioning booster seat when they can sit properly for the entire duration of each trip. 

“Sitting properly” means the child must remain seated without slouching under the lap belt, moving the shoulder belt under arm or behind back, or leaning forward or sideways moving out of position, so the vehicle belt remains properly positioned throughout the entire journey.

Changes being made to transition all mifold seats sold in North America

(Date of Manufacture from March 2021)


  • In line with our recommendations of when a child should transition from a child restraint with a five-point harness to a belt positioning booster seat (see above) all mifold seats will include a minimum usage age of 4-years-old.


  • In anticipation of new regulatory requirements proposed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) all globally regulated mifold models are transitioning to a harmonised minimum starting weight of 40 pounds. 


Maximum height

  • Following successful testing with larger crash test dummies, all mifold seats are now recommended for use by children up to the height of 59 inches.

Minimum height

  • In line with our recommendations on transitioning to a belt positioning booster seat (see below) all mifold seats will start with a minimum height of 40 inches. 


  • All new mifold seats manufactured from March 2021 and sold in North America, will be recommended for use by children as follows:
    • Weight range - 40lbs to 100lbs
    • Height range - 40” to 59”
    • Age - 4-year-old and above


    North America exclusive products

    mifold Originalgrab-and-go booster seat  

    mifold Basicgrab-and-go booster seat (also known as mifold One)

    • Other products in the mifold range designed specifically for North America (mifold Original™ and mifold Basic™) originally stated a maximum usage
      height of 57””. This recommendation is being updated as follows:
    • Weight range - 40lbs to 100lbs
    • Height range - 40” to 59”
    • Age - 4-year-old and above

    mifold Original and mifold Basic are tested to these standards whilst product labelling may state a maximum height of 57", they are safe to use up to 59".

    If you have any questions relating to this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at:support@mifold.com