Different Regulated Versions of mifold the Grab-and-Go-Boster Seat

There are several versions of the mifold backless booster seat. One for example, is compliant with the relevant US regulations and another is compliant with EU  regulations and most other countries. We have other versions specially made for other countries as well, such as China, Chile and Japan that are sold in those countries by our exclusive network of distributors. When you place an order for mifold you will automatically be sent the version of mifold suited to the regulatory requirements of your country. The various versions vary slightly in size to meet the different regulatory requirements and have different labelling, packaging, instruction manuals and registration requirements.

Currently, mifold has unique labelling and packaging specific to the regulatory requirements of the following countries/territories:






South Korea


Please note that you may take and use your mifold booster seat when you vacation outside of your home country. As different countries have different safety regulations it is possible that local law enforcement officials may not recognize your particular mifold model as labels and regulatory markings are different in different countries. It is suggested that you have with you your travel documents; such as passports, airline tickets, etc. to present to local authorities if required, to confirm that you are tourists in the country you are vacationing in.