miblog 2018 – the year in review!

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miblog 2018 – the year in review! - mifold


As the year draws to a close it must be time for my annual review of the year!

 First things first – the headlines:

We have now sold almost 750,000 mifold boosters worldwide!

We launched hifold on Indiegogo and to date our crowdfunding has raised just over $500,000!



mifold launched in nearly 2,000 Target stores in the US

mifold one launched on amazon.com and in Canada, China and Singapore.

mifold Sport launched in the US, at Nordstrom and in China, Korea and Singapore.


 .   .      .  


 Not bad for a middle-aged team of 10 – I worked it out – our average age is 46.9….! 

 So how have we achieved all that we have achieved?

It has been an interesting year in terms of HR - Jonny joined us as VP Marketing , Ken left, Matt took on Global Sales, Jacqui became International Accounts Manager and Gaynor took on new responsibilities as US Sales Support. Davide and Gaynor got engaged (but not to each other!) and Rachel finally turned 40. Most excitingly, Jon Davide and I recertified as Car Passenger Safety Technicians!




We travelled a lot – 57 trips all over the world including Robert’s US roadtrip across 10 states to find our new logistics partners and Matt’s trip to eat live squid in Japan & Korea.



We maintained our penchant for team events playing Lasertag, (Jonny you enjoyed that didn’t you?), nearly all of us had a private dining experience in Jaffa, we showed off our culinary expertise in a cooking competition, had a World Cup sweepstake (I really should have won), were wowed by magicians at a sorcerers’ night with our distributor Patricia from Chile and proved our worth as DIY experts in the office with the hanging of new product pictures!

We actually also managed some work related get togethers. We ran 11 team meetings, 2 sales summits, 4 management conferences and drank a few glasses of whiskey! 


 In terms of marketing output, we have made 5 animations, 3 infographics, a feature length hifold video, had 2 professional photoshoots to showcase our products in their best light and Jon starred in 10 youtube videos. To see the mifold, hifold and mifold Sport animations and videos please click on the following links:




mifold animation

hifold animation

YouTube channel

This year we have had:

24.7 M social media impressions

365 facebook posts

200 instagram posts 

We have run 8 social media competitions, sent 9 mifold monthly marketing updates (mmmus) to our distributors and are delighted to announce that we have achieved 4 stars on Amazon reviews !