miblog - Review of the Year 2020!

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miblog - Review of the Year 2020!

It has been sometime since I wrote, and I missed you!  I thought you may be interested to glimpse the goings on of the mifold team in what’s been an unbelievable, unexpected and challenging year.  2020 began full of hope with a team dinner to celebrate the start of a new year–  do you remember those times when we were allowed to eat in a swanky restaurant?  I hope it won’t be too long until we can get dressed up to go out again….

In January we were particularly optimistic about the year ahead.  Sales of hifold, our fit-and-fold highback booster were high and reviews were fantastic!

Thanks to our PR team’s efforts on social media and with influencers, we reached the milestone 10k followers on Instagram in February.


Our monthly team update meetings were running smoothly as usual in the office – here we are all looking quite perky….

And we launched our gorgeous hifold animation which has been used consistently throughout the year in various guises.

Also in February the boys had a fun night out after a successful trip to Dubai to meet our new distributor there – obviously any New Year’s resolution for healthy eating had taken a back seat already….

Happily hifold soon featured in the window display of Dubai’s largest mall.

As I am sure you are aware the mifold team has a very work hard play hard ethic – and what better way to unwind than with an office dress up day - this was taken before social distancing was a thing…We sure do know how to have fun!  Unfortunately I was not in the office that day….

In March we had another monthly team meeting – obviously our Marketing Director, Jonny has had enough here and boy did we not know what was coming….

Because by April we were all working from home and Zooming began – we are all quite smiley here as Robert our Operations and Finance Director has not yet started talking about his favourite subject -  Squirrels……


The first official picture of the newest product in our range, the all new and improved mifold Comfort grab-and-go booster appeared in our team Whats App chat in April

And by this time we were well and truly ensconced in our first lockdown where creativity at home bloomed.  Here we have Jon our CEO’s home-made props for a Zoom seminar!

The office remained eerily quiet….. I took this picture when I popped into the office to pick up some stationery supplies.

In May, the team launched mifun – https://mifold.com/pages/mifun. It was a page on our website dedicated to entertaining the kids at home during lockdown.  We take social responsibility seriously and each member of the team contributed to a variety of activities that harassed parents could do with their kids- mifold cookie recipes, dance videos  and quizzes abounded.

Also in May, Davide the first Brand Manager at mifold had a new addition – Ah!

And in June 2020  - drum roll please…. mifold Comfort in its new fabulous colors gets seen in reality for the first time.  Here we showcase Ocean Blue!

July 2020 rolled on as did lockdown and the team meeting was Chez Sumroy, our CEO’s house, where we abided by the rule of 8 or fewer people in one room together and brainstormed ways to beat the challenges that Covid was presenting to the business.

And in August we continued to meet via zoom…..though at the end of the month we finally returned albeit in slightly depleted numbers back to our offices.

Jonathan Album our Marketing director took on his new role as Chief Marketing Officer and VP Sales and the team sought out as many channels by which to boost sales as was possible.

Despite a difficult period of cost cutting,  mifold of course wished everyone a Happy Jewish New Year in September with high hopes for a sweeter year to come.

Indeed, excitingly in September the first boxes of mifold Comfort began to roll out to consumers from the North American warehouse

But we were back working at home again in no time at all as Corona cases continued to rise……

Except for Jon, our CEO who worked alone in the office.

In October we wished a very happy 4 year work Anniversary to Rayna our Financial Controller!

And in November we made it back into the office all masked up….

Also in November we received fantastic news when hifold won the Time Best Inventions Award for 2020

And it was all hands on deck for the long awaited mifold Comfort photo shoot to glean new images for all our social media and promotional posts

With our mostly co-operative models

While Finance and Operations held the fort back at the ranch

In December we wished a very Happy 3 year anniversary to Jacqui our International Sales Manager!

And a Happy Chanukah to some of the team too!

We waited until we were altogether for our annual Donut Eating Fest

Where Rachel DID NOT win Jonny’s Chanukah quiz!

In December we said goodbye to our beloved office  - that is me and Rayna with the moving team, unpacking and Jon officially opening the new office

We at mifold wish you a very Happy New year and here’s to a mighty 2021!