What to call the mifold blog ... how about miblog?

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What to call the mifold blog ... how about miblog? - mifold

Hi, Carmel here.  I thought I joined mifold to head up customer service … but in typical start-up fashion, I have an ever-expanding job description: office manager, regulatory affairs coordinator and today I find out that I am the official blogger.  I’ve never blogged before and I don’t know what you expect, but here goes … 

So, we moved along the corridor into our new office, which isn’t the size of a shoe box – we can actually move about freely and can each sit at a desk.  Big improvement!

"Hello" to the new mifold headquarters"


Sadly we have left our graffiti wall behind but it’s a small price to pay for an open plan office that fits 6 desks and a table, has an office for the boss, a meeting room, office for the tenant and a kitchen with running water, although we only get that cold.

Goodbye graffiti wall in the old shoe box


 It’s an adjustment having a tenant mainly as he insists on working with his shoes off but as we’ve all known him a long time, no one likes to comment.

The new coffee machine is rather posh and makes that sound we used to hear in coffee ads for real coffee.  It has encouraged visits from various friends colleagues and neighbors which is really jolly and you will always hear some sort of amiable chatter over the steam attachment.

Office life is busy.  Davide is constantly on Facebook and twitter commenting on comments and ensuring that mifold gets the positive PR it deserves.

Davide our marketing guru


Tal may be found fiddling with belt straps and belt guides on the latest version of mifold trying to decide which label will go where and what to number each part. I think it might be a bit more technical than that but I’m not the engineer.

This is Tal (which we think stands for Technical And Logistics!)


As for the boss, he is definitely a multitasker.  With his headphone attachment constantly in his ear, he’s always on the phone whilst answering our varied and random questions, pushing forward with manufacturing issues and regulatory queries and never missing a trick when it comes to holidays, birthdays and lipstick marks on the coffee cups!

As I’m writing this our Cyber Monday sales are finishing and I’ve noticed that we’ve passed $830,000 in pre-sales.  We are working flat out to deliver everyone one on time; don’t worry, we won’t be stopping for the Holidays!

Life is definitely good at mifold

And as for me, well I’m just the blogger…… :-)

This is me ... don't you hate it when they ask you to post a picture of yourself!


Tell me what you think in the comments below, what else would you like to hear about in miblog ... the mifold blog?