Jon's bottom ...

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Jon's bottom ... - mifold

Seasons Greetings from mifold!
We have just returned from our first annual mifold end of year dinner.  What a treat! We were definitely spoiled and, from the faces opposite me, we are all feeling a little worse for wear this morning! It was great to meet everyone’s
partners for the first time


The team

The first mifold end of year dinner


The food

Desserts to die for!


The mifold team has increased again with a new addition to our motley crew. Gidi has joined us to head up our supply chain and logistics.  You will be please to know that he is in charge of making sure that your mifold seats are delivered on time.  I’m glad that’s one thing that I’m not responsible for!  There is a disturbing trend with our new hires – it seems like everyone needs to be over 180cm tall.  That obviously wasn’t the criteria when I came on board … and I’m starting to get a crick in my neck!


Gidi with his family (do you think they are discussing supply chain and logistics?)


We are well under way with the regulations process.  In fact, most of my time this month has been taken up with checking labels, finalising the instruction manuals and proofreading packaging.


Up to my ears with draft warning labels


Tal the engineer has been making final product tweaks and having fun naming various parts.  We received some exciting video of the production trials from China and I am sure that Jon will be sharing these with you soon.  Davide continues to inundate Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Indiegogo with our fabulous Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Happy Holidays offers – have you got yours yet? You can get a free designer bag with mifold until the end of the year.  And we are donating 5% of all our sales from the Holiday period to SafeKids worldwide.  So, as well as keeping your kids safe, you are also contributing to a great cause when you pre-order mifold.


Our Holiday promotions chick here 


... and we are supporting Safe Kids Worldwide.  From now until the end of the year, mifold will donate 5 percent of all our pre-sales revenue to Safe Kids Worldwide.*  Safe Kids Worldwide is a global organization dedicated to preventing injuries in children. Safe Kids works in many areas to help make sure kids stay safe, especially to prevent car and road injuries.
At mifold, we are passionate about protecting children in cars for all journeys, no matter whose car they are in.  We are delighted to share our success with Safe Kids to help them continue the great work they are doing.


mifold and Safe Kids Worldwide


As usual, Jon is here, there and everywhere: chatting with investors, suppliers, designers and with the factory.  One thing I did not expect was his bottom in my face … our office has been decorated with huge mifold photos.  Luckily the life size one showing Jon’s bottom while he slips a mifold in his back pocket has now moved and is no longer directly in my line of sight!


Jon's bottom


There has been no sighting of our tenant since my last blog.  I hope he wasn’t so offended by the comment on his lack of shoes. I even stocked the cupboard with crackers and jam on his request.

We have had a fantastic year with sales exceeding all expectations.  Thank you for all your support and encouragement.

Here’s to a happy, peaceful and safe 2016.  I'll be back next year ...

Carmel xxx

** Donation will be 5% of pre-sale revenue up to a maximum of $100,000 net revenue (less processing fees).