Candy Crush Saga - Level 116!

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Candy Crush Saga - Level 116! - mifold

It’s been a while for which I apologise.  Life in the mifold office has been just a bit hectic.  I have so much exciting news to tell you and will try and keep it short!

We passed the $1 million dollar pre-sales mark on January 22nd and have now taken over 15,000 orders for mifold. The volume of sales increases every month and we are getting orders and distribution requests from all over the world 

The 109 countries where we have already pre-sold mifold


There was extreme excitement in the office when we secured our third round of investment from amongst others, the founders of Candy Crush. I am sure the deal breaker was the fact that Jon told them that I had finally reached level 116 on Candy Crush Saga…

Christian Dorffer, CEO of Sweet Capital Ltd. with Jon following the fundraising


Here is me on level 116 of Candy Crush Saga ... only 1,949 to go!


Since I last wrote, Jon, Robert, Tal and Gidi have been to our factory in China where they carried out a full production trial of all all the mifold components and a trial of mifold assembly and quality control processes.  I am delighted to report that the production line performed perfectly and we made hundreds of products during the test!  The guys had plenty of fun meeting the Chinese team who will oversee the production process and have a few stories to tell about the delicacies of Shenzhen which were offered to eat at the celebratory dinner.


You may be wondering, who is the small, bald, smiley guy in this photo (as opposed to Tal, who is a tall, bald, Smiley guy!).  This is Robert Morris, our new CFO and COO who is joining officially in March.


Robert Morris - our new Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer


Another fantastic thing to tell you is that mifold has received final regulatory approval in the US and approval in the EU and Canada will follow shortly.  Jon and Tal have been in the USA, Canada and Holland conducting final crash testing and the results have been more than successful.

 .          .    


This month the mifold team participated in one of the first ever Child Passenger Certification Course to be run outside of the USA.  This course is run by the US organization Safe Kids Worldwide.  Over 3 days the team was involved in a mix of classroom learning and practical work in cars in our parking lot.  This culminated in a public event in a well known baby store’s car park where real people with real children asked us to check the installation of their car seats and boosters.  Stressful!



We can now gladly say that we are all qualified "Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians" (CPSTs) – and join the ranks of 38,000 technicians in the USA who work in the community to give one-on-one personalised instruction on how to properly choose and use their child’s car seat. 



Here is Jon's certificate

In the past couple of months, we have received some fantastic coverage in a variety of media thanks to Davide and his marketing efforts. To give you a taster click on these three titles to read more:
TechCrunch which profiles start-ups and reviews new Internet products
The Huffington Post which offers coverage of US politics, entertainment, style, world news and technology 
The Bump which gives baby advice and parenting tips

Furthermore, we now have over 22,000 followers on Facebook!

As we get nearer to shipping I have been inundated with requests from excited customers to select the colour of their mifold seats and can quote in my sleep the mantra of colours available.  Just for the record they are:

  • slate grey
  • denim blue
  • perfect pink
  • lime green
  • taxi yellow, and
  • pearl grey.

We will be sending out a survey in the next few weeks to every customer to check their delivery details and colour choices. Remember those 15,000 orders?  


The six exciting mifold colours


And one more thing ... I am delighted to tell you that Stewart has joined the mifold team to help with this process and it looks like we are going to have our work cut out for us for the next little while….  See you in April….

Stewart is on board to help coordinate all the delivery details