3 in a row? A booster seat that puts the others to shame.

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Car seats. Booster seats. Car manufacture rules, state and federal laws. Laws for Taxi's, school buses, airplanes. It's exhausting as a parent to keep up. They say that 95 percent of new parents install car seats incorrectly. 95%!  I mean, these are new parents people! The most diligent, careful, paranoid people out there, and even THEY can't get it right? Well, as a parent, let me tell you why.  Because each car has different guidelines, each car seat has different guidelines based on your car, the age, height, weight of your child at each and every stage of their life. It's impossible to keep up. The shoulder straps, the latch system, using the seatbelt when they get to heavy for Latch, rear facing, forward facing, infant car seats, convertible car seats, booster seats. It's INSANE. Now wonder we as parents can't get it right, not to mention that they expire.  So then every 5-7 years you have to learn a whole entirely new system. this is what I call CRAZY.

Well as far as I can tell there is no hope for the car seat industry, but as I move hesitantly into the booster seat world, there may be hope on the horizon. The mifold. Heard of it? Well I have been stalking them on Facebook since around fall of last year. They claimed they had a car seat that was 10X smaller then a standard booster. Additionally you can fit THREE children in a row! Not only that, but it folded up and could slip into a back pack and be transported between cars! SAY WHAT?!  I mean, we bought our Honda mostly because we knew it could hold potentially 3+ car seats. And who likes moving them from one car to another? It's a nightmare.

Ok, so here's the basics of how it's suppose to work. A standard booster, lifts the child up off the seat of the car so that the seatbelt fits them properly. The mifold is designed to bring the belt to the child and keep the child low in the seat.  That's it. Except it does that in such a way that you can now use all three seats across in your car!  This is a game changer.   So we bought two. My oldest is ready for a booster and his convertible car seat is expiring. It was time to upgrade. My daughter is almost there, so we bought her one to.

Now after nearly 6 months of usage I can honestly say it is a mommy / daddy game changer.  The fact that we can easily and quickly take a mifold out of a car and hand it to grandma to install is awesome!  The fact that I can fit all three of my kids in the middle row; that includes one still in a large convertible car seat, also awesome (except for the normal fighting of course :)).

To be fair I had two initial concerns when we first starting using them.  1. The red slides on the sides of the booster adjust to the width of your child. Except that easily slide in. Which is good for your child to maneuver but at first didn't seem safe. They click into to place when pulling them out to the proper width but easily slide inward to your child's legs if lightly pushed.  This still "annoys" me, mostly because the toddler of the family thinks it's funny to do this EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. we get in the car. 

The second concern I had was that these little seats give your kiddos TONS of movement. As in...it seems like they aren't in a seat at all.  They can fold over, lay down, lean over, reach for their siblings, their movement is virtually unrestricted.  Now this may be the case with all adjustments to something other then a 5 point harness, but I'm telling you, it's exhausting telling them to sit tight, sit up, stop laying down, because it's just like being in a seatbelt.  It saves you when it locks you in place, but if you are laying sideways and you get in an accident, it's likely going to be worse for you then had you been sitting upright like the studious 6 year old your mama wants you to be ;).  Once you have explained the rules and remind them regularly, I assume they will eventually get it and maybe just maybe I will get to stop harping, ahem, I mean, reminding them.

Overall, if space is an issue, or moving kids from one car to another is a norm for your family, then these are well worth the $45.00.  To view all mifold FAQs and information including how to purchase, you can visit this link. http://www.mifold.com/shop

Please note this post is not sponsored, I bought two of these on my own and my reviews are my honest opinion.