9 products to keep you and your little winter athletes going strong!

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Whether they’re on the slopes, skating, or playing hockey, winter sports require some extra TLC by keeping skin protected, noses moisturized and free from congestion, and ears clear. It also means carpools and safely transporting kids in the car, a bag to tote things around, and of course mom and dad need to keep hot drinks handy and snacks on hand too. We’ve got the products to keep you ready for those winter sports outings!


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Winter sports means carpools and extra kids to tow. Smart, compact, clean and safe, the mifold® the Grab-and-Go Booster is a super-compact car booster seat perfect for traveling because it folds up and fits into a purse, glove box or luggage which is why its safety and effectiveness is so amazing. The Grab and Go Booster works differently than regular booster seats—instead of boosting the child up to meet the belt, it pulls the belt down into perfect position for your child which makes it safer than traditional boosters. Plus, you have the peace of mind of having a booster with you always that you know is safe, portable, installed in seconds and 10 times smaller than a traditional booster. Perfect for traveling by car!

Age range: 4 years+

MSRP: $44.99

Available online: www.Amazon.com