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Five of our favourite things at Mr Fox HQ this month.


As you might imagine, we spend an unusual amount of time seeking out brilliant toys, games, clothes, recipes and decor ideas for kids to share on Mr Fox. It isn’t really very healthy for our own bank balances, especially when our sons catch a glimpse over our shoulders…

We are always on the lookout for practical, innovative or plain cool stuff so let us know what you have been buying, reading, and coveting by email or on Facebook.

Lydia & Kate


1. DOT magazine


LydiaMy youngest is spending an extraordinary amount of time poring over DOT: the new magazine for toddlers from the creators of Anorak. It is the antidote to CBeebies and genuinely engages kids with fun activities to fire their imaginations. Subscriptions are £15, the next issue is out in August.

Sign up for yours at Anorak 


2. Think Rolls


Kate: It’s a close call as to whether my 3 year old son or I am more addicted to this absolutely brilliant kids platform puzzle app. It is deceptively simple but teaches kids how to manipulate force, acceleration, buoyancy, heat, elasticity and gravity while moving the colourful ‘buddy’ characters through a series of 207 mazes. You can almost see their little brains working while they play (with tongue stuck out in concentration, of course). The easy mode is aimed at kids aged 3-5 and the hard one for 5-8 year olds. 36 year olds are best advised to leave it alone if they have work to do.

Get it at the App Store 


3. Miller Shorts


LydiaIt’s been dangerous work doing the sales edits for this week’s issue. I’ve bookmarked quite a lot of things I really don’t need and yet want, but I’m most excited about these awesome shorts from Elias & Grace, partly because I love the sulphur colour, but mostly because they are £16.50 instead of £55 (70% off). A pair for each of my boys, please.

Buy them at Elias & Grace 


4. The Beach Book


Kate: No, not the one by Alex Garland you read on your gap year. This is the new instalment from Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks, authors of the excellent Stick Book (which features in our Best Activity Books) and The Wild City Book. There are only so many times I can watch my carefully constructed sand castles be gleefully flattened two minutes after completion, so this is a very welcome addition to our holiday packing list this year.

Order it from Amazon


5. mifold Booster Seat



LydiaThe revolutionary new booster seat mifold is compact and portable – ten times smaller than a regular booster seat – but just as safe. It can slip into a school bag or the glove box of the car, great for when plans change and you have extra kids to pick up and ideal for grandparents or nannies to have to hand. Suitable for kids aged 4-12, mifold will be £34.99 but at the moment it’s the pre-order period, so you can grab one for £23… 

See more at mifold