MUMS CLUB - Once in a while a new invention comes to wow us

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We see tons of new inventions coming through and we often talk about how great and innovative they are. But once in a while, we in the MumsClub office get a proper wow moment.

This is one.

Just recently we were talking out how our pre-teen 8 and 9 year olds were not happy in their booster seats, that they were uncomfortable, one even saying he felt a bit too high and even unstable in his. But what could we do? You have to have a booster for safety so the answer has been, frankly, tough. So hats off to the chap who realised the solution lay in adjusting the seat belts. Who knew?

Go see the video to see it for real, which in itself is a great watch – you can tell the innocent drinks boys are behind it.



We’re giving father of four Jon Sumroy, the “Thumbs up you’re a genius award for innovation. We absolutely love this and can’t wait to get our hands (or bottoms) on one, we’ll let you know what our kids think. They will retail at £34.99 but during this launch period, they’re currently available for just £23. Bargain.





mifold, the revolutionary Grab-and-Go Booster seat, can for the first time ever be seen in action through their website

mifold is the most advanced, compact and portable booster seat in the world. It’s more than 10x smaller than a regular booster seat and it’s just as safe.

mifold is the first significant innovation in the booster seat market since their invention more than half a century ago.


mifold’s team of top designers, engineers and industry experts have together revolutionised the way that a traditional booster seat works. Regular booster seats raise a child upwards to fit an adult seat belt, mifold’s unique patented design does the exact opposite.  Instead of lifting the child up, mifold actively lowers the adult seat belt to fit the child snugly, taking the belt off the stomach and the neck and making it comfortable, safe and easy to use for children from the age of 4 all the way up to 12 years.*

In the UK it is a legal requirement to have a child booster seat for any child travelling in a car under the age of 12 and most parents have booster seats available in their own car for each of their
children. However there are still many journeys, such as cab rides, holidays and outings with grandparents or school friends where an appropriate booster seat is not available. And sometimes there is a surprise additional child in the car. Booster seats are bulky, heavy and a hassle to carry around ‘just in case’.  This means parents have to plan in advance how to deal with these situations, usually resulting in either spontaneity disappearing or, as a last resort, in the child using the adult seat belt with no booster seat. In a collision, this is potentially very dangerous and, of course, illegal.

mifold changes this. mifold is so compact and portable that it is now practical to purchase one for each of your children, ensuring that they always have an appropriate safety device with them at all times. It is also possible to have several booster seats available in your car not only for your own children but also for additional passengers without cluttering the car and taking up space. mifold is so compact you can store it almost anywhere: glove compartment, door pocket, seat back and even in a child’s backpack. So children can now travel in any car without the burden or embarrassment of carrying around a bulky booster seat.

mifold is truly the Grab-and-GoTM booster seat.

You can be a part of the mifold movement by supporting the production of this revolutionary, life saving product by pre-ordering yours now through mifold’s crowdfunding campaign. By pre-ordering, you will not only be helping the product come to fruition but you will be given a huge saving as well as some other exciting opportunities.

To find out more and to be one of the first people to own a mifold visit