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Urgh! I have just seen another jealous-making invention. Why oh why oh why did I not think of it???? mifold. Let me explain. Car booster seats. No. That’s not the invention of course. mifold is in fact the opposite of a booster seat. Instead of boosting the kids to the seatbelt, it shrinks the seatbelt to the height of the kid. DOH!!!!

How good? It’s 10 times smaller than a normal booster seat. Smaller than an iPad.

I’ll be giving one to Grandma so she can put it in her glove compartment and not have the bulky ugly booster seats that she never uses because she’s A.L.W.A.Y.S. on the golf course and never collecting my kids.

And if you’re like me, and anal about your kids being on booster seats wherever you are in the world – I mean I have spent SO much money hiring booster seats on holiday and then getting something vaguely resembling a booster beneath the layers of kiddy grime – it’s actually a crime! I’ll be popping these in the girls rucksacks and quite literally, be good to go.


And could mifold’s timing be better for launch with this week being Child Safety Week?


Now apart from this being a WOW product, you can help bring it to market by getting involved in their Kickstarter campaign. Trust me, if you do, you’d be on to a winner. Not least because you’ll save yourself over £10 on the price of a mifold which will retail once it comes to market at the end of the year at £34.99. Get ahead of the crowd, get busy…