Welcome message from Jon Sumroy

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Dear friends, 

Today is an exciting day for the mifold team and the beginning of a new level of child car safety for everyone.

mifold is the most advancedcompact and portable child car booster seat ever invented.  It is more than 10x smaller than a regular booster seat and just as safe.   mifold is the Grab-and-Go booster seat.

For nearly three years we have been working to bring mifold to market.  Today we are delighted to start telling you more about this new invention and later this month we will open up pre-orders.  

Spend a few minutes watching the video on our home page ... it really brings mifold to life.  mifold is suitable for children from the age of four years old, all the way up to 12, so share the video with your friends and family.  

Pre-orders are opening up really soon with great introductory offers and discounts for the 'early birds'.  The best way to be updated is to sign up for the mifold newsletter, join the waiting list and get all the news on pre-ordering, product launches and promotions and a buyer's alert when mifold will be available.  You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and all the other links above.

I had the idea for mifold many years ago, when my own children were small.  We always wanted them to have the correct car seats, but sometimes they just were not available.  When we were carpooling for the school run, when grandparents took the kids, in taxis and rental cars, on vacation and more.  

I though that if I could invent a booster seat that was mighty small and mighty tough, one that you could easily take with you anywhere, then the kids could always be safe, no matter whose car they are in.

It's taken a few years and, using super tough plastic polymers and aircraft grade aluminium, top designers, engineers, and industry experts together we’ve created mifold.

We can’t wait to start getting mifold into the hands and the bags of children all over the world. 
So, sign up for the newsletter today and soon we’ll all be ready to Grab-and-go.

Thank you

Jon S

Inventor and CEO of mifold the Grab-and-Go booster seat