The mifold Grab-And-Go Booster Is a Must-Have for Moms

3 min read

We obviously love bringing you guys the best products we find, because if they make our lives easier, better or more improved in any kind of way, then we know they’re going to do the same for you.

So, we partnered with Canadian Tire to let you know about a new car seat that is literally a game changer for parents (and kids, to be honest). The mifold Grab-and-Go Booster is designed for on-the-go parents – aka every parent in the world – and children aged 4-12.

The mifold booster is super innovative and the first of its kind, yet it passes all the same security and safety regulations as a traditional booster seat, which is the best combo if you ask us. It takes the inconvenience out of boosters without compromising safety, which is the biggest mom win in life.

Ya’ll know how difficult it is to travel with traditional boosters or have extras in your car. That’s why our mind was blown when we saw the mifold booster seat. It’s compact and lightweight, making it portable and easy to carry (along with strollers, bags, purses, our little humans, etc.). It just makes perfect sense for the modern day fam, who is always on the go. You can bring it with you anywhere and swap it in and out of vehicles as needed.

Because of its size (the seat is 10x smaller than your average booster seat and folds small enough to fit in a bag), the mifold booster takes up less space and gives you so much more room in your car for everyone to fit comfortably. Just the other day we swapped out a traditional booster for the mifold so Nana could fit in the backseat with the two kids.

We each have a few mifold seats, but we’ve already had to lend a couple out because they are one hot commodity, let us tell you! One of our dad friends needed to borrow a booster recently, but he came by to pick it up on his bike (LOL)! Thankfully, we had the mifold, so he was able to easily carry it back home with him. And Cat’s sister-in-law needed something for vacation, because not all places you travel to will have boosters available, so she just put the mifold booster in her carry on and was good to go!

This seat is also great for carpooling and playdates, whether you have an extra kid to transport or you’re sending your precious cargo off with someone else. We’ve all been stuck before and haven’t been able to go somewhere because of a booster seat situation, or we’ve needed a kid picked up and relied on our amazing mom community to step in and help out, so having the mifold on hand gives us peace of mind knowing that we’ll be ready in a pinch.

Not only do we love the new mifold seat, but the kids are obsessed, too! It makes them feel like they’re sitting in a grown up seat, not a baby seat, which is huge for them. Whereas a regular booster seat lifts kids to be in the position of an adult, the mifold does the exact opposite, holding the seatbelt down rather than lifting your kid up. The adjustable lap belt makes the seat perfect for families like ours with kids of all different ages. Plus, the booster comes in a bunch of different colours, so if you want your car to look like a rainbow rather than the garbage can it usually looks like, then you can get the seat in blue, pink or green – whichever your littles prefer!

The mifold is comfortable and safe for the kids, easy to clean and transport for parents, and it’s just straight up the coolest booster we’ve ever seen. If you’re reading this and thinking, HOW do I get my hands on one of these?! Head to a nearby Canadian Tire and pick up one…or four.